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Blue Streak is a light-hitting, uplifting strain from Mdanzig, the breeders out of Spain (they also made Quixter). It’s a tall plant with a cheesy-herbal flavor that’s suitable for users of any experience level. The strain is sometimes called Blue Ryder. No matter the name, it’s become famous for loosening its users’ tongues, giving them hungry, talkative energy, and easing physical stress throughout your workaholic body. Continue reading to learn about this strain’s genetic content and the effects that you can expect from it


The strain’s effects

start out as uplifting and talk-inducing. Users report laughing at the smallest things, having an uplift in energy, chatting with their friends, and reaching for tons of snacks. The strain is uplifting and happifying, despite a few reported side effects like hunger, thirst, and headaches. The strain has around a 14.5% THC level on average.

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