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Cannabis flower is complex. The differences between weed strains come through in the active ingredients like cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids, appearance (dense nugs vs wispy), and overall experience.

Characteristics can even vary from plant to plant, even if they’re the same strain. This is especially true when cannabis is grown from seed, as the individual phenotypes can express in a variety of ways.

The Orange Cream strain is one of these fickle varieties. While often thought to be an indica hybrid, it can also exhibit sativa tendencies. A tasty citrus flavor profile invigorates the mind while the OG lineage relaxes the body.

If you’re curious about Orange Cream, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for a deep dive into this delightfully delectable strain.

Expect a smooth citrus flavor profile with intoxicating effects. Orange Cream brings back the connection between OG and Cookies genetics, making this strain a must-try for connoisseurs or citrus terp lovers.

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