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Poppyseed Dough, Astringent Mint, Cardamom Black Licorice, Dusty Earth, Fresh Linen & Horseradish Pepper core.


Med/small sized nug selection. Snowy Jade hue with light streaks of purple. Sticky throughout, a little bit of crunch upon breaking the leaves off by hand. Excellent trim, humidity, cure. A-


Dry Pull: Sweetgrass Pepper

Combustion: Doughy Cream Gas, hints of Earth & Oak, dash of Clementine Peel, lingering Grassy Pine Kush.

Vapor: Peppercorn, Star Anise Mentos, lingering Wintergreen.


Above Average-Heavy Strength. Tsunami of head pressure, creeping eyelids, third eye relaxation, stupefied thoughts. Moderate muscle relief and body high. For me, this is a nighttime “be lazy and stupid” smoke.


Fresh on the market is Gemini from Alien Labs, a cross of Two Face OG x Area 41 Pheno. Exclusive genetics are the name of the game with Alien Labs. Everything is proprietary, fleshed out, and grown with extreme care. This flower is no different.

On the nose, expect to be rolling this around for a bit longer than usual, as the aromas won’t immediately register as familiar. A combination of pepper, wood, and earth wrestle against shades of mint and pod spices. As you break open the bud, notice the linalool terp comes out as simulating the smell of fresh linen, while savory pepper notes come across as horseradish. Volume is somewhere around a 4.

You’ll be hard pressed to find any part of this bud that isn’t covered with a snowy mist of trichomes, giving this flower a soft and fuzzy appearance. Resin coats the tips of my fingers, but doesn’t leave any terps behind. Pliable, yet crunchy, this is great humidity for vaping and still has enough moisture for a smooth experience during combustion .Although I found the smoke to be a tad aggressive on the throat during inhale this let up considerably on the exhale, where I was able to enjoy the flavor. It lands somewhere between doughy and cream, but not identifiable as specifically either one – all aged in an oak barrel. Earthy notes are subtle, complementing the experience rather than overtaking it. At lower temperatures there’s a hint of expressed clementine peel that’s quite lovely. Finally, my mouth was left with hints of sweet, grassy kush, all but subtle.


Alien Labs

Alien Labs Disposable

Alien Labs Disposable is a pioneering cannabis brand that took a bold step by entering the new California market when most others chose to remain hidden. They are prominent for taking well-known flower strains and giving them a unique twist. Thus creating almost otherworldly experiences. Their focus on creating new and exotic strains has pushed the conversation forward in the industry. Alien Labs caters to the connoisseur who has tried everything and wants to explore new strains.

The Founder Of Alien Labs CEO

They have set high standards for themselves and ensure that their customers receive only the best products. Founder Ted Lidie, with his extensive experience in cultivation, marketing and passion. All for the cannabis industry, leads the brand.

Where Is Alien Labs Located

Specifically, for the Alien Labs team, cannabis culture is a way of life, and they are thrilled to bring the best of California to Arizona. They offer the finer things in life, with a touch of the weird for those who appreciate it. Buy Alien Labs Disposable Online. Alien  LabsLive Resin Disposables Besides, Alien Labs Disposables are a popular choice for cannabis enthusiasts who want a convenient and discreet way to enjoy their favorite strains. These all-in-one disposable devices are designed to preserve the natural terpenes found in cannabis. Providing an authentic and flavorful experience. Made from freshly harvested, flash-frozen cannabis plants, Alien Labs Disposables offer a true-to-strain experience that allows you to enjoy the effects of your favorite strains wherever you go.

Alien Cannabis Derived Terpenes 

Furthermore, Alien Cannabis Derive Terpenes are extracted from strain-specific cannabis to deliver both bold and balance cannabis flavors followed by a full-spectrum of entourage effects.
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